Dispute Resolution

If your business becomes involved in a dispute or a claim is brought against your company, the Allison Law Firm is the legal firm you need to help you resolve the matter. Our expertise in navigating disputes is invaluable. We have a long track record of bringing contentious matters to a successful conclusion. When an agreement can be reached, we attempt to close out difficult matters quickly. When matters require litigation, we have a track record of excellence in court.

“Our client, a local general contractor, contributed significant construction to a prominent local development project.  Their supplier, a manufacturer, failed to deliver key pieces built to spec. This failure cost our client millions of dollars.  The Allison Law Firm represented the contractor against the manufacturer, who was represented by a very large firm from out of state.  The Allison Law Firm prevailed. The case was one of the largest civil litigation matters in Nevada the year this occurred.”

– Allison Law Firm Accomplishments

We work diligently to avoid court when possible, working through mediation and advocating for your rights. Should your case not find a simple resolution, you may feel confident in our track record at arbitration, as we continue to protect your interests throughout proceedings. Regardless of your situation and circumstances, the Allison Law Firm offers you our undivided attention as we focus on your dispute, from beginning to end.

Dispute Representation

As your dispute resolution attorneys, the Allison Law Firm will deal with the proceedings surrounding your litigation. Working tirelessly to gather witness statements, documentation, and other evidence, we will go the distance with your case, working for the most favorable outcome for you. It is our extensive background in dispute resolution that will offer you the most reassurance, helping you to find a positive outcome in the swiftest possible manner.


The Allison Law Firm has also served as the independent arbitrator for many contentious issues. In the event an issue cannot be resolved, engaging with an independent arbitrator is a way to resolve your matter. Many agreements call for arbitration rather than court. The Allison Law Firm provides impartial, experienced arbitration in these matters.